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Hobby Caravan Insurance: Overcoming Challenges & Finding Cover

May 10, 2023
Caravan insurance

Explore options for Hobby caravan insurance & other German-made models in our comprehensive guide. Learn why they're considered higher risk & discover tips to secure cover.

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The Insurance Challenge for Hobby Caravans

Hobby caravans and other German-made caravans offer excellent quality, design, and space for those who desire a comfortable and versatile holiday accommodation. However, insuring these caravans can prove to be a challenge due to the perceived higher risk of theft. In this article, we'll explore why insurance companies may be hesitant to insure these caravans and provide helpful tips for securing insurance for your Hobby caravan.

Statistics show that larger caravans, such as Hobby and other German-made caravans, are more attractive to thieves. This results in insurance companies viewing them as higher risk compared to British or other European makes. Manufacturers like Hobby, LMC and Tabbert often face this issue.

Finding Insurance for Your Hobby Caravan

Despite the challenges, it is possible to find insurance for German caravans by following these steps:

  1. Conduct online searches using terms like "German caravan insurance", "hobby caravan insurance" or "european caravan insurance" to find specialist insurance companies like InsureMy.
  1. When calling for quotes, ask if the insurer covers your specific make of caravan before diving into the quote process.
  1. Utilize caravanning forums to seek advice from fellow caravan owners who have faced similar insurance challenges.
  1. Join Owners Clubs for big German manufacturers, where you'll find easy access to insurance companies that can cover your caravan.

Insuring Common German Caravans

Some German caravan manufacturers, like Knaus and Eriba, are deemed a lower risk by insurance companies and are more easily insured by mainstream providers.

European Caravans: Rising Popularity and Considerations

With recent changes to UK road rules, European caravan manufacturers are gaining popularity, offering innovative designs and features. However, when considering purchasing a European caravan, remember:

  1. Most European caravans have a door on the right-hand side, which can impact pitching and awning installation.
  1. Some caravan sites may require foreign caravan owners to pitch up differently due to door placement, affecting the view from the lounge.
  1. Imported European caravans need to be registered with the Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme (CRIS) to meet insurance requirements.

Cost Comparison and Popularity

The average annual caravan insurance cost for a £13,000 Hobby caravan is £357, compared to £151 for a Bailey caravan. Hobby ranks as the 12th most popular touring caravan, with Eriba coming in at 13th based on quote requests at InsureMy.

Hobby Caravan Features

Hobby caravans offer a diverse range of features and options to cater to a variety of needs and preferences. Below, we delve deeper into the unique features and differences between the six main Hobby caravan models:

HOBBY ONTOUR - The Entry-Level One

Layouts: 3

Berths: Up to 5

Length: 5,783-6,712 mm

Width: 2,200 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 1,200-1,350 kg

ONTOUR is the perfect entry-level model for those who are new to caravanning. It offers a more compact and lightweight design, making it easier to tow and manoeuvre. This model is suitable for smaller families or couples who prioritize a simpler, more affordable caravan experience.

HOBBY DE LUXE - The Versatile One

Layouts: 15

Berths: Up to 7

Length: 5,968-7,531 mm

Width: 2,300-2,500 mm

GVW: 1,300-1,700 kg

DE LUXE is a versatile and adaptable model with an extensive range of layouts and berths, accommodating larger families or those who desire more space. This model balances comfort and practicality, offering a wider selection of amenities and options to suit various needs.


Layouts: 5

Berths: Up to 4

Length: 6,755-7,562 mm

Width: 2,300-2,500 mm

GVW: 1,350-1,600 kg

The EXCELLENT model is designed for those who seek a touch of luxury and elegance in their caravan experience. With its tasteful interior design and high-quality finishes, EXCELLENT offers a more sophisticated and refined atmosphere. It features a limited number of layouts, prioritizing quality over quantity, and is ideal for smaller families or couples who appreciate the finer things in life.


Layouts: 10

Berths: Up to 5

Length: 6,633-8,325 mm

Width: 2,300-2,500 mm

GVW: 1,350-1,900 kg

The EXCELLENT EDITION takes the elegance of the EXCELLENT model and adds a contemporary twist. This model is perfect for those who desire a modern, stylish caravan with an emphasis on design and aesthetics. The increased number of layouts and berths provides more flexibility and options for families or groups of varying sizes.

HOBBY PRESTIGE - The Sublime One

Layouts: 12

Berths: Up to 7

Length: 7,291-9,040 mm

Width: 2,300-2,500 mm

GVW: 1,500-2,200 kg

PRESTIGE is the epitome of luxury and refinement in the Hobby caravan lineup. With its spacious and opulent interiors, high-quality materials, and premium amenities, the PRESTIGE model is designed for those who desire the ultimate caravanning experience. This model is well-suited for large families or groups who prioritize comfort, space, and indulgence.

HOBBY MAXIA - The New Premium Class

Layouts: 3

Berths: Up to 4

Length: 7,202-8325 mm

Width: 2,300-2,500 mm

GVW: 1,500-2,000 kg

MAXIA is the latest addition to the Hobby lineup, representing a new level of premium quality and innovation. This model caters to those who seek the best of the best, with cutting-edge design, luxurious amenities, and advanced technology. The MAXIA model focuses on a limited number of layouts and berths, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards. Ideal for smaller families or couples who desire an exclusive, top-tier caravanning experience.

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