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Wedding Insurance Policy Features

Say "I do" to peace of mind; protect your big day and cherished memories with wedding insurance from InsureMy.
Cancellation or Rearrangement
Be it due to the sudden illness of a vital wedding party member or other unforeseen circumstances (getting cold feet is not included!), you can get cover for the costs incurred to either cancel or rearrange the event. This encompasses issues such as the venue going out of business or a key supplier failing to meet their contractual obligations.
Venue and Supplier Issues
If there is a failure from the venue or other suppliers, including florists or photographers, your policy can help you recuperate the costs, aiding you in rearranging the wedding to a similar standard without a financial strain.
Loss or Damage to Wedding Essentials
Your policy safeguards against the loss, theft, or damage to crucial items like wedding attire, rings, and even gifts. However, it's important to check the time frames within which claims can be made for different items.
Extreme Weather Conditions
While most providers won’t insure against a simple rainy day, you can get cover for severe weather conditions or natural disasters that might force you to cancel or rearrange the wedding. Remember, specific details can vary between policies.
Personal and Public Liability
In the case where an accident at the venue results in damage to the property or injury to a guest, your policy can cover the associated legal fees and liabilities. This extends to issues arising from potential accidents involving ceremonial swords, provided you've included this in your cover.
Photography and Videography Issues
Should your photographer fail to show up or an accident occur leading to the loss of your wedding photos, insurance can cover the costs of reshooting to preserve your special memories.
Additional cover, such as for marquee damages or specific concerns related to having multiple ceremonies (especially close together), can also be added to your policy at an extra cost.
Jon Hatton

Meet our wedding insurance expert

"Wedding insurance is a cornerstone of planning and enjoying your special day, shielding you from cancellations, supplier failures, and other unforeseen events. Securing the right cover is key to ensuring the joy and celebration remain uninterrupted. My advice to all couples is to invest in a thorough wedding insurance policy, so you can step down the aisle with confidence and peace of mind. Remember, it is always better to be prepared and protected than to face stressful situations without support on a day that is meant to be filled with love and happiness."

- Jon Hatton, Wedding Insurance Lead

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is essentially a financial safety net for your big day, covering unforeseen issues that might arise, from cancellations to supplier failures. It can cover the costs associated with many unexpected problems, ensuring you're not left out of pocket if something goes wrong. Considering the substantial investment involved in organizing a wedding with the average UK wedding costing around £30,000 it provides a sensible way to protect yourself against financial loss.

Getting wedding insurance early, even up to two years before your wedding day, can be beneficial. These policies not only cover the wedding day itself but also the build-up to it, including agreements with vendors and venue bookings. It ensures that from the moment you start making financial commitments towards your wedding, you have a protective cover in place.

Wedding insurance helps you tread with confidence as you make your wedding arrangements, providing a financial backup plan that covers a wide array of potential issues, allowing you to focus on the joyous occasion without the looming worry of financial strain in case of unforeseen disruptions. It promotes peace of mind, allowing couples to enjoy their special day with one less worry.  

Do I need wedding insurance?

Determining whether to get wedding insurance largely depends on the scale of your wedding and the financial risks you're willing to take. Weddings, known to be both costly and meticulously planned, sometimes face unforeseen hitches that could lead to substantial financial losses. Wedding insurance steps in to safeguard your investments, covering scenarios such as cancellations, rescheduling, or vendor failures.

For those planning a grand celebration, where a lot is at stake financially, wedding insurance might be worth considering. It serves as a financial cushion, protecting your hefty investments from disruptions that are out of your control. However, if your celebration is a smaller, intimate affair with minimal expenditures, and you feel confident that you can cover any potential losses, opting out of wedding insurance might suffice.

While considering wedding insurance, it is crucial to review any existing covers in your vendor contracts and payment protections offered by your credit card to avoid overlapping cover. It's recommended to explore and analyse all your options to make an informed decision, keeping in mind that while not mandatory, wedding insurance can offer a peace of mind in safeguarding your special day against unforeseen setbacks.

Wedding Insurance Abroad

Planning a wedding overseas necessitates considering a different set of factors for insurance. Here is what you should keep in mind while exploring wedding insurance options for ceremonies abroad:
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Geographical Limits

Your policy can cover weddings globally*, with different aspects of the cover available based on your destination. It's essential to adhere to the latest guidance from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) while planning your wedding. Take the initiative to frequently check for the most recent advice to make informed decisions.

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Cover and Exclusions

Overseas wedding insurance generally parallels the protection level offered by domestic policies. However, distinct differences exist, including potential exclusions for certain regions due to ongoing crises or official advice against travel. Please note that cover might be restricted in areas where the FCDO advises against all or non-essential travel. Therefore, being well-acquainted with your policy specifics is fundamental to understanding the inclusions and exclusions.

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Travel Insurance

Pairing your wedding insurance with a comprehensive travel insurance policy is highly recommended. Travel insurance caters to contingencies not usually covered by wedding insurance, such as medical emergencies and disruptions in flight schedules. It can also safeguard high-value belongings, including wedding outfits and rings, within the confines of the policy's individual item limit.

Important Notice

Stay updated with the latest FCDO advice, which is readily available on their official website to steer clear of regions with travel advisories and to engage in responsible and safe wedding planning.

* Restrictions apply based on FCDO advisories and specific policy details. Always refer to your policy documents for precise information.

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