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Flood Risk Insurance

Flooding can devastate properties, leading to extensive damage and substantial repair costs. InsureMy offers specialist flood risk insurance to safeguard your home.

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Understanding Flood Risk Areas

What Is A High Flood Risk Area?

A high flood risk area is any location with a 1% to 3% chance of flooding annually. These areas are often near bodies of water such as seas, rivers, lakes, or canals. However, regions with high levels of surface water can also be at risk, even if they are far from large water bodies.

Factors Contributing to High Flood Risk

Proximity to Water Bodies:
Close to seas, rivers, lakes, or canals.
Surface Water Levels:
Areas with poor drainage systems.
Low-lying areas or those below sea level
Regions prone to heavy rainfall or storms.

Assessing Flood Risk for Your Property

Find Out If You Live In A High Risk Flood Area

If you're unsure about your flood risk, you can use a Professional Flood Risk Assessment to evaluate your property’s risk or there are other multiple ways to assess it:

choosing the right flood risk area insurance

Why Choose InsureMy for Your Flood Risk Insurance?

At InsureMy we only ever work with trusted and reputable specialist flood risk area insurers and we price match every quote, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Here are just a few InsureMy perks you may struggle to find elsewhere:
Exclusive Discounts: Special offers and reduced rates.
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Instant Cover: Immediate protection for your property.
Trusted Insurers: A panel of reliable flood risk insurance providers.
Lowest Price Guaranteed: Competitive pricing on all policies.
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Property Expertise: In-depth knowledge of property insurance.
Custom Options: Tailored insurance solutions to meet your specific needs.

FLood insurance cover

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance protects your home from damage caused by excessive water. Cover depends on whether you purchase buildings insurance, contents insurance, or both.

Buildings Insurance:

Drying Out and Cleaning: Covers the cost of drying and cleaning your home after a flood.

Restoration of Fittings: Includes the repair and replacement of fittings.

Legal Fees: Optional add-on covering legal expenses.

Rebuilding Costs: Covers the cost of rebuilding property damage.

Contents Insurance:

Furniture: Protection for furniture damaged by flooding.

Carpets and Flooring: Cover for carpets and flooring.

Personal Valuables: Includes personal items like jewellery and important documents.

Electrical Goods: Protection for damaged electronic devices and appliances.

The Necessity of Flood Insurance

Is Flood Insurance Worth It?

Flooding can occur even in areas not near large bodies of water. Burst pipes or heavy rainfall can cause significant damage. Prudent homeowners should consider flood insurance based on their property’s risk level.

High-Risk Areas:
Specialist flood risk insurance is recommended.
Low-Risk Areas:
Standard home insurance policies might suffice but check cover carefully.
The average cost of caravan insurance by caravan value

What is the cost of Flood Risk Insurance?

Factors Influencing the Cost of Flood Risk Insurance

The cost of flood risk insurance can vary widely based on several factors:

  1. Location: Properties in high-risk flood areas typically face higher premiums.
  2. Property Value: Higher property values usually lead to higher insurance costs.
  3. Cover Level: The extent of coverage, including buildings and contents insurance, affects the premium.
  4. Flood Mitigation Measures: Properties with flood defenses or mitigation measures may receive lower rates.
  5. Claim History: A history of previous flood claims can increase insurance costs.

For more information visit our cost of flood risk insurance page.

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