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Static Caravan Insurance

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COVER features

Static Caravan Insurance Policy Features

Find the right insurance policy and get peace of mind in knowing that your investment and personal belongings are protected. Below are some information on each of the key cover features:
Fire, Explosion, Lightning, Storm, and Flood
This standard cover feature protects the static caravan against damage caused by; Fire, explosion, lightning, storm, and flood. It covers both the static caravan and its contents.
Accidental Damage
This standard cover protects the caravan and its contents from accidental damage, including; Electrical equipment, glass and sanitary ware. Sum insured up to £20,000 for contents and up to £300,000 for the caravan.
Theft & Attempted Theft
Static caravan insurance offers protection from loss or damage caused by theft or attempted theft.
Loss of Keys and Replacement Locks
This feature covers the cost of replacing the locks and the keys for the static caravan. This also covers stolen keys and the  amount of cover is up to £250.
Personal Accident
Compensation is available for death, loss of limbs, eyes, or permanent total disablement resulting from an accident covering up to £20,000 for adults and £10,000 for under 16s.
Public Liability
Public liability insurance covers legal liabilities for any accidental injury or property damage caused by or through the use of the caravan. Sum insured up to £5 million public liability cover available.
Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Hiring Charges
This product feature covers the cost of alternative accommodation or the  loss of hiring charges if the caravan becomes uninhabitable. The maximum cover for this is £100 per day.
Jon Hatton

Meet our caravan expert

“Static caravan cover is a vital part of owning your home away from home, shielding you from theft, fire and natural disasters. Ensuring you have the proper cover in place is essential for the safety and security of your static caravan and your cherished leisure time. My advice to all you proud static caravan owners is to invest in a comprehensive insurance policy, so you can kick back and relax with an absolute peace of mind."

- Jon Hatton, UK Caravan Insurance Lead

Do I need static caravan insurance?

In the UK, you aren't legally required to insure a static caravan, but it's still smart to have insurance in place. Your static caravan is your special getaway, where you make precious memories with loved ones. Good insurance keeps your holiday home safe from unexpected events covering many risks, like fire, theft, and storm damage.

The best policy will consider your static caravan's unique features, like its age, market value at the time of quoting, its location, and offer cover suited to your needs. Without insurance, you could be on the hook for repair costs or even total replacement, which could be expensive and strain your finances. Static caravan insurance brings peace of mind, letting you enjoy your holiday home worry-free.

The average cost of caravan insurance by caravan value

Static Caravan Insurance Costs

The cost of static caravan insurance can be influenced by several factors such as; the age and value of your caravan, its location,  the security measures in place, the level of cover you require, any optional extras you choose to add and your claims history. 

On average, the annual cost of static caravan insurance is around £157, but prices can vary from £90 to over £510, with the value of the static caravan being the largest driver. Cheap static caravan insurance may not always provide the best cover. When comparing quotes online be sure to compare the policy excess, reviews, and the cover features of available as well as the price.

Based on InsureMy static quote data, collected between January 2022 and March 2023, accurate as of March 2023

Tips for cheaper static caravan insurance

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Install security measures

Security devices like alarms, deadbolts, and security cameras can improve the security of your static caravan. This can reduce the risk of theft or damage. As a result, your premium may be lower.

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Pay annually

If possible, opt to pay your premium annually rather than in monthly instalments. Many insurers offer discounts for policyholders who pay upfront.

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Choose a safe location

Insurers consider the location of your static caravan when determining your premium. Selecting a site with low crime rates and minimal flood or storm risks can help you secure a lower premium.

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Limit optional extras

Only select additional cover options that are essential for your specific needs, as adding unnecessary extras can increase your premium.

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Build a no-claims history

Having no claims history shows insurers that you are a low-risk policyholder. This can lead to lower premiums in the long run.

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Opt for a higher excess

By choosing a higher excess (the amount you pay towards a claim), you can often lower your premium. However, ensure you can comfortably afford the excess in the event of a claim.

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