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Whether you’ve created your dream home from a grade II* listed castle or found your perfect match in a listed Georgian Terrace; when it comes to finding your ideal home, everyone has their own aspirations. Maintaining these special buildings is part of ownership and one of the reasons many decide to purchase a listed building. Having the correct insurance and knowing what it covers is an important aspect, so learn more about how to insure a listed building and get a free online quote today.

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Do I Need Listed Buildings Home Insurance?

If you are a listed building owner, whether you occupy the building or let it out, then the answer is yes. As listed buildings are of special interest, there are usually structural limitations when it comes to renovation or repairs to damage. Therefore, in the case of damage, the materials used to fix the property may be more expensive or harder to come by, hence costing the owner more. Whether you are looking for listed building insurance in Scotland, England, Wales, or Northern Ireland it is important that we find you the correct cover for your listed home. All are unique and have individual requirements, so we want to ensure you are covered if you have to make a claim.

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What Is A Listed Building?

When a building is listed, it marks the presence of special architectural or historic interests. This can before a variety of reasons, from giving a distinct character to an area to being built during a certain period, or being an accessible part of the UK’s rich heritage. Dependent on level of interest, buildings are categorised into three listing grades (England & Wales):

-       Grade I: Of exceptional interest
-       Grade II*: Of particularly important interest, more than of special interest
-       Grade II: Of special interest, and is the most common grade of listing for a listed homeowner

Listed buildings in Scotland are categorised into three listing grades as follows:

-       Category A: Outstanding examples of a particular period, style, or building type
-       Category B: Major examples of a particular period, style, or building type
-       Category C: Representative examples of a particular period, style, or building type

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What Does Listed Building Insurance Cover?

At InsureMy, we work with specialist listed building insurers to get the best insurance for you. We know that when it comes to repairing damage on listed buildings there are likely to be stricter requirements than that of a standard home. However, listed building insurance still works just like standard home insurance and can cover you in the case of damage to your property. As it is likely that your listed home will require certain materials that may be harder to come by or more costly, specially trained workers to implement the work, as well as consent from Historic England, Historic Environment Scotland, Cadw (Wales) or Historic Environment Division (Northern Ireland), insurance usually comes at a higher cost. Listed building insurance varies between providers, just like any specialist home insurance does, but generally listed building insurance covers:

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Fire, flood and weather damage

Burst pipes


malicious man

Burglary, theft and vandalism

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Owning a listed property is a dream for many and one which can come with a lot of responsibility. Obtaining the correct listed building insurance will protect your property in the event that it receives damage, renovation or any other work that could threaten its status. We can provide quotes to suit all grades of listed buildings.

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