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Cruising Yacht Insurance

Don't feel flooded by an armada of cruising yacht insurance quotes! At InsureMy we can help steer you in the right direction to get a cruising yacht insurance quote that suits you.

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The estimated number of people that go sailing in the UK every year


Average cost of a new sailing yacht in the UK


The estimated average fully comprehensive cover per annum

is cruising yacht insurance necessary

Do I Need Cruising Yacht Insurance?

Cruising yachts are designed to travel long distances across the sea so there is a high chance an issue may arise on your voyage, especially by the tumultuous weather. So, although not a legal requirement, it is highly advised you get your cruising yacht insured to cover you and your boat.

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Sailing Yacht Insurance

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Dinghy Insurance

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Motorboat Insurance

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What Does Cruising Yacht Insurance Cover?


What can we cover?

Accidental damage, including fire, earthquake & storms.

Family & friends cover.

Public Liability up to £5million in some policies

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What we can't always cover

Loss, damage or theft if the dinghy was not secured properly

Legal cover

ensuring you're covered

What Can You Expect For Your Cruising Yacht?

Cruising yacht or sailing yacht? Whatever yacht you have, you deserve the best! At InsureMy, we know that not every boat needs the same cover, that's why we have our panel of top UK leading brokers to help you get the policy suited for you. Set sail on your new adventure fully covered!

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Hassle-free fully comprehensive cover available from our top-rated providers.

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We offer thousands of custom options to help you find a policy you'll love.

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perks & Benefits

What Are The Benefits Of A Cruising Yacht?

Apart from getting the fresh sea air there are more benefits to a cruising yacht than you think!


Learn Skills

Sailing is a great form of exercise and helps you learn boating in a fun way.


Freedom To Travel

No need to book, just hop on the boat and go.


Family Fun

Cruising yachts are a great way to get the family out for a day.


Long Term Investment

Hire out your boat when you are not using it.

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