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Motorhome Security Guide

September 14, 2023
Motorhome insurance

With a staggering 29% rise in motorhome and caravan theft year on year it’s never been more important to protect your hard-earned investment, including having the right motorhome insurance in place. To help you, we’ve created this essential guide to motorhome security.

Motorhome wheel lock

Motorhome security: all you need to know

Before we get into the ins and outs of the motorhome security options available to you, here’s a summary of what we’ll cover so you can fast track to a particular topic if you wish.

1. What are the benefits of additional security? • Why bother improving your motorhome’s security?
2. Basic motorhome security • How secure is your motorhome?
3. Motorhome security tips • Simple motorhome security tips – what are thieves looking for?
4. Improving your motorhome security • Motorhome alarm systems
• Motorhome security locks
• Motorhome wheel locks
• Tracking devices
• Additional devices
• What does ‘Thatcham approved’ mean?
5. Insuring your motorhome •What insurance do you need?
• Securing yourself the best deal

What are the benefits of additional security?

Why bother improving your motorhome security?

Surprisingly perhaps, thieves reportedly prefer motorhomes to luxury cars because they are valuable and often left vulnerable or unattended on roads and driveways. In 2021 alone, vehicle recovery expert Tracker recovered over one million pounds worth of stolen caravans and motorhomes.

This means that adding a few extra security measures could make your motorhome far less inviting to thieves. And should the worst happen, finding the right motorhome insurance will be your final layer of protection. Securing your motorhome well can also bring down the cost of your insurance.

Basic motorhome security

How secure is your motorhome?

Take the time to figure out how secure your motorhome is already. You should check what security features it has and how effective they are, so that you can decide what you need to shore up.

Don’t assume your motorhome comes with anything more than lockable doors and windows, especially if it’s second-hand. Have a good look around, check your vehicle manual or ask the manufacturer or previous owner.

Motorhome security tips

What are motorhome thieves looking for?

Thieves are on the lookout for a motorhome that can be easily swiped off the street and sold on or looks like it contains valuables. So, when thinking about motorhome security, start with the basics:

  • Close and lock all motorhome windows and doors. Sounds silly, but it’s so easy to forget, giving a thief easy access to your motorhome. To add insult to injury, such a simple mistake could well invalidate your insurance or make it much harder to claim.
  • Park your motorhome on your drive or near your house, preferably somewhere you can clearly see it, so you have a better chance of spotting suspicious behaviour early. It also makes it clear that your motorhome is being monitored regularly.
  • Store your motorhome at a dedicated secure site with extensive security and a responsibility to keep your motorhome safe. You’ll find more information in our motorhome storage guide.
  • Don’t keep your motorhome keys near external doors or windows. These are the first port of call for the light fingered, as a hooked stick through a letterbox or open window in your home can save thieves a lot of time and effort.
  • Keep valuables out of sight or better yet, remove them from your motorhome altogether. Prized possessions and expensive gadgets left in clear view are all too tempting for a thief on the lookout.

Improving your motorhome security

It’s always worth doing more to improve the security of your motorhome. Here are some of the most popular security devices available, to help you weigh up your options.

  1. Motorhome alarm system – useful to ward off thieves before they even get close to your vehicle. Choose from motion sensors, magnetic seals (good for windows and doors), and pressure pads.
  2. Motorhome security locks – can be fitted to your motorhome’s doors and windows. Be careful not to weaken the structure of your motorhome when you fit them, because it could affect your warranty and/or insurance, not to mention make break-ins easier.
  3. Motorhome wheel lock – a good physical and visual deterrent that prevents your motorhome being driven away.
  4. Tracking device – enabling you (and the police) to remotely monitor your motorhome and recover it quickly if it’s stolen. Impressively, motorhomes fitted with a tracker have a 95% recovery rate.
  5. CCTV/remote camera apps – a wise option to explore if you keep your motorhome on your drive so you can catch any culprits on camera. There are also apps that enable you to see live images on your smartphone, wherever you are.
  6. Security post – can be fixed in your driveway to make it much harder for your motorhome to be moved.
  7. Steering wheel clamp – an affordable and effective visual deterrent which makes it much harder for thieves to drive your motorhome away.
  8. Clutch claws – another affordable option that covers the clutch and brake pedals so that they can’t be engaged.

What does ‘Thatcham approved’ mean on a security device?

If a security device is Thatcham approved it means that it’s been assessed by Thatcham, the insurance company funded security device testing body. Investing in Thatcham-approved security devices could also make you eligible for additional discounts on your motorhome insurance.

Secure the best deal on your motorhome insurance

Motorhome insurance is not just a legal requirement , it’s the final protective layer around your motorhome, covering you against damage and fire, as well as theft.

Once your motorhome security measures are up and running, shop around for a policy that rewards your efforts. The good news is, InsureMy makes shopping around and comparing quotes as quick and easy as getting one.

Compare quotes from specialist insurers today and find the best protection for your motorhome at the lowest price guaranteed.

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