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The Best Motorhome Pub Stop-Offs in Greater London

January 19, 2024
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Don’t panic on the streets of London! Let us take you on a tour of the best motorhome friendly pub stop offs in Greater London and a few extra tips to keep you safe!

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Embarking on a road trip in a motorhome combines the thrill of exploration with the comfort of home. For those navigating the bustling streets and charming suburbs of Greater London, the journey becomes even more delightful when you know the best places to park your motorhome and enjoy a good pint. In this guide, we uncover the top motorhome-friendly pub stop-offs across Greater London that offer not just a place to rest, but an experience to remember.

1. The Historic Hideaway: The King’s Arms, Hampton Court

Step back in time at The King’s Arms, located near the historic Hampton Court Palace. This pub offers a unique blend of history and modern comfort, with motorhome parking available in the nearby area. After parking your vehicle, you can enjoy a stroll around the majestic palace grounds before returning to the pub for some hearty meals and a selection of local ales.

2. The Suburban Oasis: The Green Man, Putney Heath

Nestled in the heart of Putney Heath, The Green Man is an ideal stop for those seeking a break from the city's hustle and bustle. This cozy pub is surrounded by greenery and offers a spacious parking lot suitable for motorhomes. The pub is renowned for its friendly staff, delicious Sunday roasts, and an extensive beer garden perfect for summer evenings.

3. The Historic Watering Hole: The Old Ship, Richmond

Nestled along the Thames in Richmond, The Old Ship is steeped in history and character. This pub is ideal for motorhome enthusiasts looking to experience a slice of London's past. With convenient parking available, visitors can enjoy the pub's historic decor, traditional British meals, and riverside views, all within a relaxed, welcoming setting.

4. The Regal Retreat: The Queen's Arms, Richmond

Nestled in the heart of Richmond, The Queen's Arms offers a royal-themed experience. This pub, with its Victorian décor and regal ambiance, has ample parking suitable for motorhomes. Enjoy a majestic selection of fine ales and traditional British cuisine, all within a stone's throw of the beautiful Richmond Park.

5.The Sportsman's Spot: The Cricketer's, Oval

Just a short distance from the famous Oval cricket ground, The Cricketer's pub is a sports lover's paradise. It has a dedicated parking area for motorhomes, making it convenient for visitors. The pub is filled with sports memorabilia, and you can watch live sports events while enjoying a varied selection of drinks and classic pub meals.


In conclusion, Greater London offers a diverse range of pub stop-offs that are perfect for motorhome travellers. Whether you're looking for scenic views, historical surroundings, a touch of the countryside, or a dive into the cultural scene, these pubs provide not just parking space but an unforgettable experience. Remember to check in advance for any parking restrictions and enjoy your motorhome adventure in one of the world's most vibrant cities!

Extra Tips for Motorhome Travellers:

  • Always call ahead to confirm parking availability and any restrictions.
  • Never forget to get motorhome insurance.
  • Be mindful of the size of your motorhome when navigating through London's streets.
  • Respect the local environment and community around the pubs.
  • Enjoy responsibly and savour the unique experiences each pub has to offer.

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