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The Top 15 Best Wedding Guest Favours

January 15, 2024
Wedding Insurance

Want to thank your guests for joining in your big day? Check out our top 15 wedding party favours for you to let your friends and family remember your day forever.

Wooden plaque with the inscription Wedding.

Weddings are a celebration of love, and what better way to show appreciation to your guests than by offering them thoughtful party favours? These tokens of gratitude are a wonderful way to thank your friends and family for joining in the festivities and making your special day even more memorable. From personalized keepsakes to delectable treats, here are the 15 best wedding party favours that will leave your guests delighted.

  1. Personalized Mini Champagne Bottles:

Raise a toast to your guests' arrival with mini champagne bottles adorned with custom labels featuring your names and wedding date.

  1. Customised Keychains:

Keychains engraved with your initials, or a heartfelt message serve as practical keepsakes that guests can carry with them always.

  1. Custom Succulent Plants:

Small potted succulents make for charming and eco-friendly wedding favours. They're easy to care for and serve as a lasting reminder of your special day.

  1. Photo Booth Pictures:

Set up a photo booth at your wedding and provide guests with printed pictures they can take home as cherished mementos.

  1. Personalized Candles:

Elegant candles with your names and wedding date engraved on them not only add ambiance to your event but also make for a beautiful keepsake.

  1. Customized Coasters:

Functional and stylish, personalized coasters are both practical and a great way to commemorate your wedding.

  1. Mini Jars of Honey or Jam:

Delight your guests with mini jars of honey or jam, complete with customized labels. It's a sweet reminder of your big day.

Wedding gifts natural handmade herbal ecological soaps

  1. Handmade Soap Bars:

Handcrafted soap bars in a variety of scents and colours add a personal touch to your wedding favours.

  1. Mini Donut Boxes:

Treat your guests to mini donut boxes with a selection of delectable flavours. It's a sweet gesture that will leave everyone smiling.

  1. Wine Bottle Stoppers:

Elegant wine bottle stoppers with a personalized touch make for a practical and sophisticated favour.

  1. Customized Luggage Tags:

For destination weddings, consider gifting personalized luggage tags to help guests travel in style.

  1. Mini Polaroid Cameras:

One that is not as budget friendly but will be kept in your guests hearts forever! Encourage guests to capture candid moments by providing mini Polaroid cameras, allowing them to create their own keepsakes.

  1. Plantable Seed Packets:

Give the gift of growth with plantable seed packets, allowing guests to nurture beautiful flowers or herbs in their own gardens.

  1. Miniature Journals:

Hand out tiny journals with custom covers for guests to jot down their thoughts or sketches.

  1. Gourmet Chocolate Truffles:

Indulge your guests' sweet tooth with gourmet chocolate truffles in elegant packaging.

What about wedding insurance for party favours?

Wedding insurance typically does not cover the cost of party favours. Wedding insurance primarily focuses on providing financial protection for various aspects of your wedding, such as cancellations due to extreme weather, vendor no-shows, illness or injury, and other unforeseen circumstances. It can also cover issues related to the venue, catering, wedding attire, and other essential elements of the wedding.

Party favours are considered discretionary and optional items rather than essential components of a wedding. As such, they are generally not covered by wedding insurance policies. It's essential to review the terms and conditions of your specific wedding insurance policy to understand what it covers and what it does not.

If you have concerns about the potential loss or damage to your party favours, you may want to consider discussing this with your wedding planner or vendor to see if they can provide any coverage or recommendations for safeguarding these items. Alternatively, you could consider budgeting for party favours separately to ensure they are not a significant financial concern in case of unforeseen circumstances.

In conclusion, wedding party favours are a heartfelt way to thank your guests for being a part of your joyous celebration. These 15 ideas offer a range of options to suit your style and budget, making sure your guests leave with cherished memories of your special day. Don't forget to consider wedding insurance to safeguard your investment and ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly, regardless of unforeseen challenges.


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