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Turn Your Van Into A Campervan

April 26, 2024
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Converted campervans have made a big comeback over the past couple of years so why not hop on the bandwagon! If you have a van sitting unused or unloved what could be a better project? Read our how to guide on how to get the best results!!

A blue converted campervan

Transforming a van into a campervan is an exciting project that blends creativity, functionality, and a touch of adventure. Our blog delves deeper into the aspects of converting your van, covering everything from practical considerations to legal requirements and aesthetic touches.

Assessing Your Van's Suitability

Before diving into the conversion, it’s crucial to evaluate if your current van is up to the task. Consider the size, reliability, and handling of the vehicle. Larger vans provide more living space but might be cumbersome to drive and park, whereas smaller vans are economical and easier to manoeuvre but offer limited space.

Planning Your Budget

Conversion costs vary significantly based on the extent and quality of modifications. Budget for essentials and extras like:

  • Windows and ventilation
  • Insulation and interior cladding
  • Electrical and gas installations
  • Built-in amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Enhanced security systems
  • Quality furnishings
  • Expect to spend anywhere from £500 to over £40,000 depending on your choices.

Legal Considerations and Compliance

Understanding and adhering to the UK’s vehicle regulations is crucial:

  • DVLA Registration: Check whether you need to re-register your van as a 'motor caravan'.
  • Safety Standards: Ensure all modifications meet UK safety and roadworthiness standards.
  • MOT Tests: Modified vehicles must pass the MOT test; ensure all changes comply with legal requirements.

Insurance Changes

Post-conversion, your van will require a new type of insurance policy. Converted campervan insurance is usually more affordable than standard van insurance, but it’s vital to consult with a specialist to get the right coverage.

Designing Your Campervan

The interior design should maximise space and functionality. Plan the layout from sleeping quarters to kitchen access:

  • Insulation: Choose high-quality materials like Havelock Sheep’s Wool for temperature control and moisture management.
  • Furniture: Build or install custom furniture tailored to your space needs, including beds, tables, and storage units.

Structural Modifications and Safety

  • Reinforcements: May be necessary for supporting new installations or heavy appliances.
  • Safety Checks: All installations, especially gas and electric systems, must be securely mounted and comply with safety regulations.

Energy Efficiency and Power Management

  • Solar Panels: Consider for a sustainable power supply.
  • Battery Systems: Install a reliable battery system to support off-grid electrical use.

Water Storage and Plumbing

  • System Planning: Install systems for fresh, grey, and potentially black water.
  • Water Heating: Explore options for efficiently heating water.

Interior Comfort Enhancements

  • Ergonomics and Lighting: Use space-saving designs and effective lighting to make the interior comfortable and inviting.
  • Ventilation: Install roof vents or windows to ensure good air quality.

Technology and Connectivity

  • Internet Access: A Wi-Fi booster or mobile hotspot can keep you connected on the road.
  • Navigation Systems: Opt for vehicle-appropriate navigation to avoid unsuitable routes.

External Modifications and Aesthetics

  • Appearance: Personalise with paint jobs or decals, keeping the DVLA informed of significant changes.
  • Practical Additions: Consider awnings for extra outdoor space and external storage solutions.

Hiring Out Your Campervan

If you find yourself not using the campervan as often, renting it out can be a lucrative and practical option. It helps maintain the vehicle and can generate extra income.

Engaging with the Campervan Community

Joining campervan communities can offer support, inspiration, and friendship:

  • Forums and Social Media: Active involvement in online forums and social media groups dedicated to campervan living can provide valuable tips, troubleshooting advice, and modification ideas.
  • Events and Meetups: Participate in campervan meetups, rallies, and events to connect with like-minded individuals and explore new destinations as part of a community.

By considering these points, your journey to converting and enjoying a campervan can be both successful and fulfilling. Whether for weekend getaways, extended travels, or even as a potential rental business, a well-planned campervan conversion can open up a world of adventure and flexibility.


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