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InsureMy Caravan Security Report 2023

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Rising thefts, difficulty bringing perpetrators to justice and advice for owners

More people than ever now own or are looking to own caravans, with over half a million caravans currently estimated to be in use in the UK. Past trends suggest that during tough economic times, people look towards caravanning and staycations as a way to continue enjoying well-earned holidays. Supply has struggled to keep up with demand over the last few years so we can expect the number of caravans to rise.

With so many new owners and the current strain on household finances it’s important that this significant investment is protected. A caravan is stolen every day on average in the UK, the vast majority of those are not recovered. While most owners are aware of the importance of insurance, that can’t remove the emotional stress of experiencing such a major theft or the replace the memories and sentimental value. Prevention is better than cure and we hope that by sharing this research we can help caravan owners better protect themselves against crime.

Find the Right Caravan Insurance

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Touring Caravan Storage Guide

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Caravan Trackers For 2023

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Give yourself the best chance of finding and recovering your caravan if it gets stolen.
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2023 Caravan Security Headlines

Don't have time to read the full report? Here are the key points you need to know to keep your caravan safe.
Caravan theft is increasing
Justice for Caravan owners
Not all regions saw an increase in thefts
Farms are the riskiest storage option
Owners can do more to protect their caravans
Older customers take more precautions
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