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Trailer Tents and Folding Campers

Read our trailer tents and folding campers guide to help you decipher which is best for you, including the best models and some extra additional tips!

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When it comes to camping in the UK, folding campers and trailer tents offer a fantastic balance between the comfort of a caravan and the freedom of traditional tent camping. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deeper into the key differences between folding campers and trailer tents, explore their unique features, provide examples of some of the best models available in the UK market, and discuss insurance options for both.

Folding Campers:

Folding campers, also known as pop-up campers or folding caravans, are versatile towable units that provide more space and amenities than traditional tents. They are designed with collapsible sections, making them easy to set up and store.


  • Structure: Folding campers typically have a hard-sided trailer with collapsible sides or sections.
  • Amenities: They often include basic amenities like a kitchenette with a sink, stove, and fridge, a dinette area for dining, a comfortable sleeping space for multiple people, and storage cabinets for camping gear.
  • Convenience: Folding campers offer a quicker setup compared to traditional caravans and provide more protection against the elements.
  • Size: Due to their collapsible design, they are larger than trailer tents, making them suitable for families or groups.

Prices: Folding campers in the UK can range from around £5,000 for used models to £20,000 or more for new and well-equipped ones from reputable brands.

What are some of the best folding campers?

a) Pennine Pathfinder: The Pennine Pathfinder is a premium folding camper that provides a luxurious camping experience. It features a spacious interior with a well-equipped kitchen, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and various storage options. Prices for new models start around £20,000.

b) Opus: The Opus is a rugged folding camper with off-road capabilities, making it suitable for adventurous campers. It offers a well-appointed kitchen, dining area, comfortable sleeping spaces, and ample storage. Prices start at approximately £10,000.

Trailer Tents:

Trailer tents, also known as folding trailers, are lightweight and compact camping options that expand into comfortable tent-like structures. They offer a more traditional camping experience while providing added comfort and convenience.


  • Structure: Trailer tents are trailers with collapsible sides that transform into a tent when parked.
  • Living Space: They often feature multiple sleeping compartments and a living area that serves as a communal space during the day.
  • Additional Features: Many trailer tents come with built-in kitchen units, storage options, and awnings for extra space.
  • Size: They are generally smaller than folding campers, making them more suitable for couples or smaller families.

Prices: Trailer tents in the UK can range from around £2,000 for basic models to £20,000 or more for larger, fully equipped ones.

What are some of the best models of trailer tents?

a) Cabanon Mercury: The Cabanon Mercury is a spacious and comfortable trailer tent with two double beds, a large living area, and ample storage space. Prices for new models start around £5,000.

b) Conway Countryman: The Conway Countryman is a popular choice due to its ease of setup, practical design, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Prices start at approximately £15,500 for new models.

Insurance for Folding Campers and Trailer Tents:

Just like normal caravan insurance, when investing in a folding camper or trailer tent, it's essential to protect your investment with suitable cover. Here are some insurance considerations for both options:

Folding Campers Insurance:

  • Cover: Look for insurance policies that offer comprehensive cover, including accidental damage, theft, fire, and liability protection.
  • Contents Cover: Ensure that your insurance policy covers your personal belongings and camping equipment stored inside the camper.
  • Emergency Accommodation: Choose a policy that provides cover for alternative accommodation if your camper becomes uninhabitable during your trip.
  • Towing Cover: Some policies may include towing cover, which can be helpful if your camper breaks down on the road.

Trailer Tents Insurance:

  • Accidental Damage: Ensure that the insurance policy covers accidental damage that can occur, whether it's in storage or during your camping trips.
  • Theft and Vandalism: Look for cover against theft, attempted theft, and vandalism to protect your investment when the trailer tent is not in use.
  • Public Liability: Consider a policy that includes public liability cover in case of accidents that can happen while camping.
  • Contents Cover: Check that your insurance covers your equipment and personal belongings stored within the trailer tent.

Additional Tips

Master the Setup Process:

  • Familiarise yourself with the setup process of your folding camper or trailer tent before your trip. Practice setting it up at home to become proficient and to identify any potential issues that may arise.
  • If you're new to camping have a trial run in your garden or a nearby site to gain confidence in the setup and takedown process.

Organise and Utilise Space Wisely:

  • Space can be limited so efficient organisation is key. Pack essential items first and prioritise space for camping gear, bedding, and cooking equipment.
  • Use storage containers and packing cubes to keep things organised and make the most of the available space.

Plan for Different Weather Conditions:

  • In the UK, weather conditions can be unpredictable, so be prepared for various scenarios. Pack clothing and gear for both sunny and rainy days, as well as warmer and colder temperatures.
  • Bring rain gear, tarps, and extra tent pegs to protect your camping area from rain and wind.

Be Mindful of Weight and Towing Capacity:

  • Check the towing capacity of your vehicle and ensure that the weight of your plus all your gear, remains within the limit. Overloading can affect your vehicle's performance and safety on the road.
  • Distribute the weight evenly and secure all items to prevent shifting during travel.

Follow Campground Guidelines:

  • When selecting a campsite, consider the size of your folding camper or trailer tent and ensure the site can accommodate it comfortably.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines set by the campground to ensure a pleasant experience for yourself and your fellow campers. This includes adhering to campfire regulations, noise restrictions, and waste disposal practices.

Practice Good Campsite Etiquette:

  • Be respectful of other campers by keeping noise levels down during quiet hours and maintaining a tidy and clean area.
  • Be considerate of wildlife and the natural environment. Avoid leaving food scraps or trash outside, as this can attract animals and harm the local ecosystem.


Folding campers and trailer tents offer excellent camping experiences in the UK, each catering to different preferences and group sizes. Folding campers provide more amenities and are suitable for larger families, while trailer tents offer a more traditional camping feel and are ideal for couples or smaller families.

Before purchasing either option, research different models, compare prices, and visit dealerships to see the campers or tents in person. When it comes to insurance, choose a policy that suits your needs and adequately protects your investment and belongings during your camping adventures. Always read the policy documents carefully to understand the cover provided.

Camping in whichever way you choose allows you to explore the picturesque landscapes and beautiful camping sites that the UK has to offer. So, pack your camping gear, choose the right camper or tent for your needs, and embark on memorable camping adventures in the stunning outdoors!


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