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Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Touring Caravan

March 10, 2023
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Are you looking into buying a caravan, or more specifically a touring caravan? Then look no further to making a brilliant life changing purchase than our top 10 tips of why you should buy a touring caravan!

Large touring caravan on green hills overlooking a mountain

There’s a lot to love about caravanning. In this article you’ll find many great reasons to take the plunge and buy a touring caravan. We’re confident the only time you’ll look back is when you want to admire what you have in tow.

Here are our ten favourite reasons to buy a touring caravan:

  1. Spontaneous trips
  1. Budget friendly holidays
  1. At one with the great outdoors
  1. Travel in comfort…or even luxury
  1. Kinder to the environment
  1. A ready-made sense of community
  1. Pets travel free
  1. Work from home (away from home)
  1. Plenty of choice
  1. Your pick of glorious destinations

Why buy a touring caravan?

There must be many reasons why over 2 million people go on holiday in caravans and motorhomes every year – so we didn’t have to think too hard to come up with ten! As a staple of British camping culture, touring caravans are a firm favourite with people from all walks of life, promising freedom, convenience and holidays on a budget.

But if you’re still umming and ahing, here’s why we think buying a touring caravan is a decision you won’t regret.

1. Spontaneous trips

Touring caravans are perfect if you’re someone who likes to make snap holiday decisions or enjoy a last-minute weekend away. You simply book your pitch, pack your things and hit the road.

Say goodbye to booking flights and accommodation months in advance; bid farewell to running through the airport and seemingly endless delays; banish the lack of leg room and uncomfortable seats. With a caravan, you do everything on your own schedule, and you’re never limited to one destination.

2. Budget friendly holidays

Caravan holidays are one of the most affordable ways to get away because you don’t have to fork out for accommodation and can rustle up your own meals.

Buying the caravan will be your largest expense, but the second-hand market is healthy and there are plenty of bargains out there. Protecting your investment with specialist touring caravan insurance is affordable too.

3. At one with the great outdoors

The many health benefits of spending time in nature are well documented, from reducing anxiety and soaking up vitamin D to boosting your serotonin and helping you sleep. With your own caravan, you only need step out of your door to be surrounded by mother nature.

Being outdoors is also fantastic for the kids with endless fun and freedom to be enjoyed in the open air.

4. Travel in comfort…or luxury

If you’re tired of being stuck in a tent in the pouring rain, inject a few more creature comforts into your camping trips with a touring caravan – even if it’s just four water-tight walls and a roof over your head.

Owners often describe their caravan as home away from home and for good reason. You’re free to deck out your caravan in whatever way makes you feel cosy and comfortable.  

Buy brand new and you can kit out your caravan to your exact requirements or buy second hand and do your caravan up to your taste then sit back and relax in your own vision of luxury.

5. Kinder to the environment

We all want to do our bit for the environment and reduce our emissions. The good news is that relative to flying, caravanning is the greener way to holiday.

According to herewetow, return flights to Europe for a family of four would produce between 250-500kg of CO2 each. The same family, driving 250 miles in a petrol-fuelled car with a medium-sized caravan in tow would produce 38kg of carbon dioxide per person. That’s significantly less.  

The shorter the distance you tow your caravan and the longer your stay, the better you offset the emissions of your journey. You could also fit with solar panels to make the most of renewable energy and find ways to reduce water and plastic use to bring your environmental impact down even further.  

6. A ready-made sense of community

The caravanning community is a wonderful bunch, both on the campsite and off. Kids from neighbouring caravans can play together and caravanning is a great way to get to know people from all over the UK and abroad.

You can fill your diary with the many caravan events and rallies that take place year-round and meet like-minded people. There’s also a great online community, offering loads of advice and sharing personal experiences of caravan touring.

7. Pets travel free

Gone is the need to fret about what to do with your pets while you’re away. No need to find a hotel or BnB that doesn’t mind you bringing the dog… or lizard. Caravanning is all about the comforts for your creatures, so no one has to miss out on the adventure.

8. Work from home (away from home)

Join the remote working revolution from the comfort of your caravan. With many campsites now having internet connection both in the UK and abroad, you can be a proper digital nomad and take your work-life balance on the road.  

9. Plenty of choice

Touring caravans come in all shapes and size and there’s one out there with your name on it. Not one for having to pack the bed away? Choose one with a fixed island bed and lounge to your heart’s content. Big family? Choose bunks and convertible berths so that you can all bed down comfortably.

No matter what you’re looking for, with the variety of models on offer (both first and second-hand), you’re sure to find a caravan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

10. Your pick of glorious destinations

With caravanning as popular as it is, it’s virtually impossible to find a corner of the UK that doesn’t have a caravan campsite. You can have a beautiful landscape or stretch of coastline right on your portable doorstep – both at home, and abroad.

Quite simply, with a touring caravan in tow, the world truly is your oyster… on wheels.  

Have we managed to convince you?!  If so, our UK team can help you protect your hard-earned holiday home on wheels with touring caravan insurance. Get quotes in just two minutes from our panel of trusted specialist insurers.

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