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Guide to Ownership of a Static Caravan in a Park

Before purchasing a static caravan in a park, make sure to read Insuremys comprehensive guide on all the need to knows including costs and potential drawbacks.

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A static caravan, also known as a mobile home or park home, provides a unique blend of holiday convenience and investment. Located in holiday parks, they can be a base for family holidays or a source of rental income. Owning a static caravan requires thorough consideration and understanding of responsibilities.

Choosing the Right Park:

  • Location: Consider proximity to amenities, tourist attractions, and natural beauty.
  • Facilities: Some parks offer pools, entertainment, shops, and restaurants.
  • Tenure: Check if the park is open all year or only during specific months.

Costs Associated:

  • Purchase Price: This can range widely based on size, features, and brand.
  • Site Fees: Paid annually to the park. It covers rent for the land and park maintenance.
  • Utilities: Gas, electricity, and sometimes water, usually billed separately.
  • Insurance: Protecting both you and your caravan from damage or theft.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning, repairs, and potential upgrades.
  • Depreciation: Like all assets, caravans depreciate over time.


It's crucial to have static caravan insurance. This will protect against potential damages, theft, and third-party liabilities. There are several types:

·         New-for-Old: Covers the cost of a brand new caravan if yours is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

  • Market Value: Covers the current value of your caravan at the time of loss.
  • Contents Insurance: Protects the items inside your caravan, including electronics, furniture, and personal belongings.
  • Public Liability: Covers injuries to third parties while on your property.
  • Environmental Damage: Covers the cost if your caravan causes damage to the surrounding environment, e.g., oil leaks.
  • Specialised Covers: Depending on where the park is located, you might need additional cover for floods, storms, or other specific risks.


  • Cash Purchase: Pay the full price upfront.
  • Finance Options: Many dealers offer finance options with monthly payments.

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Terms & Conditions of Park Ownership:

  • Length of Stay: Some parks restrict the number of consecutive days you can stay.
  • Subletting: Understand the park's policy on renting out your caravan.
  • Resale: Some parks might have conditions on selling your caravan, including giving them first refusal or paying a commission.
  • Rules and Regulations: Parks will have rules for safety, noise, and conduct.


  • Winterisation: Ensure that you have properly winterised your trailer and it is protected against freezing temperatures. Read our guide on draining down a static caravan for more information.
  • Regular Checks: For gas, electrics, and potential leaks.
  • Upgrades: Refresh interiors or add features to keep your caravan modern.

Consider the Exit Strategy:

  • Selling: You might eventually want to sell your caravan, either privately or via the park.
  • Upgrading: Some owners decide to upgrade to a newer model.
  • End of Agreement: Understand what happens at the end of the site agreement, such as potential removal costs.

Benefits of Ownership:

  • Flexibility: A holiday home waiting for you anytime.
  • Rental Income: Rent out when you're not using it.
  • Community: Many parks have a close-knit community of owners.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Commitment: It's a significant investment that requires regular attention.
  • Depreciation: Unlike brick and mortar homes, trailers tend to lose value over time.
  • Restricted Use: Some parks close during winter or restrict consecutive days of stay.


  • Written Agreement: Make sure you have a written agreement with the park that stipulates terms and conditions.
  • Tenure: Understand if your position on the land is leasehold or a license to station.
  • Local Regulations: Ensure that you're aware of local regulations that might affect your usage, especially if you're thinking about living in at the park full time.

Owning a static in a park offers both pleasures and challenges. It can be a delightful escape or a revenue-generating asset. However, it's vital to approach the decision with a comprehensive understanding of all involved responsibilities and costs. Do thorough research, understand the terms, and enjoy the unique lifestyle that caravan ownership can offer.

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